Wednesday, June 21, 2017


June 8-11 the first rally of the season (due to the flooding at New Harmony) was held at Timberline RV Resort near Chesterfield, IN.  There were 17 coaches; and the attendees were Haldon & Sandra Ashton, Beth Bailey, Leland & Phyllis Bienz, Fred & Jane Bingman, Paul & Cheryl Brosher, Ross & Melanie Boyer, Ron & Linda Busby, Jane Clashman, Jerry & Roberta Covington, Harry & Connie Decausemaker, Jerry & Carol Hardacre, Steve & Judy Kincade, Darrell & Sharon Lane, Steve & Cassie Lisle, Bill & Susan Marr(guests), Don & Lou Ann Orman, Steve & Nancy Ruster, and Doug & Betty Tillman.  Busby, Lane and Marr’s were first timers and Marr’s joined the chapter before the rally was over.  They had just been a member of FMCA for one month.
As usual we ate well beginning Thursday evening at Golden Corral, Friday pancake and sausage breakfast hosted by Co-Rally Masters Carol & Jerry Hardacre, Friday evening dinner of fried chicken and pot luck, and Saturday evening dinner of homemade chicken and noodles at Chesterfield Christian Church.
We didn’t schedule a lot of activities, but Friday after breakfast the ladies gathered for a show and tell of their favorite gadgets and/or craft projects they work on this past winter.  Some of the gadgets were a vegetable chopper, pineapple slicer, and a stop boil over pot rock.  Some of the crafts were quilts and rugs made with fabric and yarn.  After Friday’s dinner, a business meeting was held.  See Jane Clashman’s column.  A drawing for miscellanies door prizes was held and a 50/50 drawing to benefit Riley Children’s Hospital.
On Saturday morning, the men gathered for coffee and technical discussion. After about ½ hour we adjourned to the outside for Doug Tillman to demonstrate an easy way to remove the cloudy film on light lenses.  He used a paper folded paper towel and Repel bug repellant that is available at Walmart.  I bought some Sunday after the rally; and Doug, it works very well.  Great tip!!
Some of the ladies went shopping and out to lunch and some of the men went to Indianapolis to wood working shops.  The weather was great, and campfires were held each night.  Great time to catch up on the events of the winter.
Ross baked rolls for the Saturday evening dinner and was asked to provide the recipe which follows.  He also baked blueberry and bran muffins for Sunday morning coffee.  And then following, Melanie and Jerry Hardacre led devotions for the members before departure.


1 pkg Dry Yeast
2 Tbs Sugar
2 Tbs Warm Water
½ Cup Melted Lard (I use Crisco)
1 Cup Warm Water
½ Cup Sugar
3 Eggs
5 Cups Flour
1 tsp Salt
¼ lb Butter

In a large mixer bowl, cream yeast, 2 Tbs Sugar and 2 Tbs Warm Water together.
Add ½ Cup Sugar, Melted Lard, and 3 well beaten Eggs.
Add 1 Cup Warm Water, 3 Cups of Flour, and 1 tsp Salt.
Beat until smooth and add the rest of the Flour (2 Cups).
Place in large greased bowl and cover with lid or plastic wrap.
Store in refrigerator overnight.
Divide dough into 4 parts, don’t let dough get warm.
Roll ¼ inch thick 1 part of dough on floured board.
Brush with melted Butter (Only use butter).
Cut in 1/8’s like a pie.
Roll each 1/8th from wide end to tip and pinch tip to hold.
Place on greased baking sheet.
Let rise in warm area 2 to 3 hours.
Bake in preheated oven at 400 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes.
Brush with melted butter.  Makes 32 rolls.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

May Rally Cancelled

May Rally Cancelled Due to Flooding

After calling Harmonie State Park and talking to park personnel, they have said that reservations will be cancelled up to Thurs., May 18th, but could not assure us that the road to the park would be open following that date. 

The distance is too great for members to travel and find the park closed and for that reason we are cancelling the rally.  Bettie and I plan to reschedule a rally in October and it may be in the Evansville area.

All checks will be returned by mail which have been paid for rally fees.

You will need to cancel your campground reservation for a refund.  To cancel call 866-622-6746 and tell them that due to flooding you want to cancel your reservation.

We are sorry that we were unable to hold the scheduled rally in May, but believe that this is the wisest decision.

Bettie and Greg Wessel, Rally Masters 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Image result for camping in the rain funnyWeather may affect camping in state park

Bettie and I have been in contact with the state park.  They have cancelled reservations up to May 15th.  The problem is the road to the park sometimes is covered by water which makes the campground inaccessible.  They are also concerned about the possibility of flooding due to the rainfall.

At this time we plan to continue holding the rally as scheduled, but if plans change you will be notified immediately.

 In a worst case scenario, and the rally needs to be cancelled, all checks will be returned and the park stated that all reservation fees would be refunded.

Please check your email before leaving for Evansville or check the blog:

Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will improve and the rally can be held as planned.

Your optimistic rally masters,
Bettie and Greg Wessel

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hope You Didn't Forget

The first rally for the Hoosier Cruisers will be held near Evansville at the Harmonie State Park.  The Rally Masters Bettie and Greg Wessel, and Assist. Rally Master, Jane Clashman have planned a great weekend for those attending.  Hoosiers Cruisers can tour the LST ship which was used to transport troops and tanks, visit the Evansville Natural Science Museum, walk down memory lane at the Dream Car Museum, and explore a bit of history while strolling through New Harmony.

In addition to the tours plan on having some delicious food including a meal of sloppy joes, a carry-in with fried chicken, and a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning.

More importantly enjoy spending time with new and long time friends that you have met as a member of the Hoosier Cruisers.

To attend complete the registration found in the newsletter and send it to the Bettie and Greg Wessel to the address on the form.  Second, call the Indiana State Parks campground registration service at 866-622-6746 and ask for a site near 142 which where the Rally Masters will be camped.

Hope to see you at the rally.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

May Rally 2017 - Something for Everyone

Hoosier Cruisers have already marked their calendar for the May Rally beginning May 18th and ending May 21st.  The rally will be held near Evansville with camping at Harmonie State Park.  If you want to get a head start on reservations call 866-622-6746 or use the online reservation service – The Rally Masters, Bettie and Greg Wessel, will be camped on Site 142, and Assist. Rally Master, Jane Clashman will be camped on site 140.  You may want to ask for a site nearby for convenience.
Sooooo……. what’s happening?????
We will set up on Thursday and a supper meal will be provided.  Gathered around a campfire we will be able to get caught up on our adventures this winter.  Friday will be a busy day with many opportunities including a tour of the Evansville Museum, a tour of the LST Ship,
and a visit to the Dream Car Museum. The Evansville Museum has a wide variety of exhibits including many natural science displays.  The LST Ship is a ship that was used to transport and land tanks during WWII.  The Dream Car Museum should appeal to those who are “car enthusiasts”.  Old cars, muscle cars, and exotic cars are all on display.
Friday will end with a carry-in meal with the meat being provided.  Members are asked to bring side dishes.

Saturday will begin with a pancake breakfast. 
Members will have some free time to pursue their own interests or take a walking tour of New Harmony a historic village.  A tram tour will also be available. Our club president, Jane Clashman, will hold a business meeting at the Working Men’s Institute.

You won’t want to miss this rally where friendships can be renewed.

Click: May Rally 2017 Registration for a printable registration form.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Newly Elected Officers for 2017

Congratulations to the newly elected officers for 2017!

Hoosier Cruisers 2017 Officers

President: Jane Clashman
Executive Vice President: Steve Lisle
Northern Vice President; Jane Bingman
Central Vice President: Lois Stoner
Southern Vice President: Greg Wessel
Secretary: Betty Tillman
Treasurer: Connie DeCausemaker
National Director: Carol Hardacre
Alternate National Director: Melanie Boyer

Nominating Committee:
1st year: Harry DeCausemaker
2nd year: Doug Tillman
3rd year: Carol Hardacre

Park County Party

The Hoosier Cruisers convened at the Park County Fairgrounds for the October Rally.  Rally Masters Dean and Beverly Johnson, and Assistant Rally Masters Harry and Connie DeCausemaker arranged for camping at the fairgrounds which is a level and easy place to camp.  Thursday, members enjoyed a great dinner at the 36 Saloon which seemed like a lodge on the inside.  The restaurant specialized in smoked ribs and BBQ pork.  The next day the participants enjoyed touring the covered bridges and the small communities that had many, many booths of handmade items and crafts.  Rockville and Bridgeton had a wide variety of items for sale that were both unique and well made.  That evening we traveled to Turkey Run State Park and most members enjoyed the buffet.  Upon returning to the campground, Marv Olson started a campfire which was a perfect ending to the day on a cool evening.

Saturday, members again enjoyed the sights near Rockville or an easy day visiting with friends.  The Rally Masters provided fried chicken for dinner and the sides were provided by Crusiers.  No one went home hungry.  The rally ended Sunday with coffee and donuts.  Bettie Wessel provided devotions that reminded us that our lives are like the crops that are harvested by the farmers, and that we must properly prepare our lives for the a bountiful harvest.

Many thanks go to the Johnsons and DeCausemakers for planning another successful rally.  Thanks!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Unexpected Accident

Last Saturday evening John Saalwaechter was in an accident involving his scooter.  Apparently during his ride there was a chain place across a lane that wasn’t there before, and it caught him in the neck area.  Currently he is in St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis.  There was no fractures but there was considerable injury to his spinal cord.  Surgery was done on Monday to relieve pressure that was on the spinal cord.

He has had some pretty rough days through Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning.  But Wednesday evening they moved him to a regular room and he is doing better.  He has regained some movement but it is going to take some time.  They expect him to have a full recovery.  It is anticipated to move him to rehab tomorrow.

Please keep John in your thoughts and prayers as well as Vicki. 

I’m sure that a card would be much appreciated – send to:
   John Saalwaechter
   4648 N 650 N
  Thorntown, Indiana 46071

Steve Ruster

May Rally 2017

The tentative Hoosier Cruisers May Rally will be held in Evansville from May 18th through May 21st.  We will be camping at Harmonie State Park.  Members will need to make their reservations through the Indiana State Park reservation center.  The online address is or you can call 1-866-622-6746.  Reservations cannot be made until after the first of the year and we will give suggestions for sites to be reserved later.

This rally should have something for everyone:
·         Do you like history….we got it.
·         Do you like exotic cars….we got it.
·         Do you like big ships…..we got it.
·         Do you like trains…..we got it.
·         Do you like good food….we got it.
·         Do you like quirky and curiosity shopping….we got it.

If you have additional questions contact:
Bettie and Greg Wessel – Rally Masters
·         812-341-1048 or 812-341-1156
Jane Clashman – Assistant Rally Master
·         765-617-6708

Plan to join the Fun!

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Indy Rally Had Something for Everyone

The rally and assistant rally masters planned a rally that had a variety of activities.  As usual Thursday was a day when most of the eighteen coaches arrived and set up.  The Marion County Fairgrounds  was an excellent venue where the sites were level and each had 30 amp electricity. Parking the coaches was easy and we were all camped together.  The fairgrounds is centrally located which made traveling to the different attractions an easy task.  After setting up, the members gathered for dinner at Ponderosa.

Friday began with a sausage gravy and biscuits breakfast which was delicious. There was enough to feed an army so no one left hungry.  Next, the attendees had an opportunity to visit the Indiana State Museum which had excellent
displays related to the history of Indiana.  On the first floor the exhibits contained many prehistoric artifacts and educational displays that explained the results from the glaciers moving across Indiana.

In celebration of Indiana's 200 years as a state, a collection
of 200 items which were part of Indiana's history was displayed.

 Later many Hoosier Cruisers went to Victory Field to watch the Indians play the Mudhens which are minor league teams.  What a great place to really see a baseball game.  You are closer to the field so you are closer to the action.  The Covington's had made arrangements for the Hoosier Cruisers to be recognized on the jumbo screen.  We had great seats and as you can see andwere into the game even if we didn't know all the players names.  We just knew that we wanted the Indians to win!!

On Saturday, we attended the State Fair.  It was band day so some of the Hoosier Cruisers enjoyed the band contest.  The 4-H winners were also displayed and for many they found that this was interesting to see the quality and uniqueness of the projects.

At the State Fair you never know what may be shown.
They had sculptures made from cans of food and Lego's.  Who would have thought that cans could be used for an Angry Birds sculpture or a complete farms scene could be made from Legos.
The rally ended with Jerry Covington giving devotions on the topic, "Walk the Talk and Talk the Walk" which was a great closing for the rally.

Many thanks go to Jerry and Roberta Covington and Duane and Lois Stoner for an entertaining weekend.  Thank you!