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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Unexpected Accident

Last Saturday evening John Saalwaechter was in an accident involving his scooter.  Apparently during his ride there was a chain place across a lane that wasn’t there before, and it caught him in the neck area.  Currently he is in St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis.  There was no fractures but there was considerable injury to his spinal cord.  Surgery was done on Monday to relieve pressure that was on the spinal cord.

He has had some pretty rough days through Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning.  But Wednesday evening they moved him to a regular room and he is doing better.  He has regained some movement but it is going to take some time.  They expect him to have a full recovery.  It is anticipated to move him to rehab tomorrow.

Please keep John in your thoughts and prayers as well as Vicki. 

I’m sure that a card would be much appreciated – send to:
   John Saalwaechter
   4648 N 650 N
  Thorntown, Indiana 46071

Steve Ruster

May Rally 2017

The tentative Hoosier Cruisers May Rally will be held in Evansville from May 18th through May 21st.  We will be camping at Harmonie State Park.  Members will need to make their reservations through the Indiana State Park reservation center.  The online address is http://indianastateparks.reserveamerica.com/ or you can call 1-866-622-6746.  Reservations cannot be made until after the first of the year and we will give suggestions for sites to be reserved later.

This rally should have something for everyone:
·         Do you like history….we got it.
·         Do you like exotic cars….we got it.
·         Do you like big ships…..we got it.
·         Do you like trains…..we got it.
·         Do you like good food….we got it.
·         Do you like quirky and curiosity shopping….we got it.

If you have additional questions contact:
Bettie and Greg Wessel – Rally Masters
·         gmwessel@hotmail.com
·         812-341-1048 or 812-341-11156
Jane Clashman – Assistant Rally Master
·         jeec49@hotmail.com
·         765-617-6708

Plan to join the Fun!

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Indy Rally Had Something for Everyone

The rally and assistant rally masters planned a rally that had a variety of activities.  As usual Thursday was a day when most of the eighteen coaches arrived and set up.  The Marion County Fairgrounds  was an excellent venue where the sites were level and each had 30 amp electricity. Parking the coaches was easy and we were all camped together.  The fairgrounds is centrally located which made traveling to the different attractions an easy task.  After setting up, the members gathered for dinner at Ponderosa.

Friday began with a sausage gravy and biscuits breakfast which was delicious. There was enough to feed an army so no one left hungry.  Next, the attendees had an opportunity to visit the Indiana State Museum which had excellent
displays related to the history of Indiana.  On the first floor the exhibits contained many prehistoric artifacts and educational displays that explained the results from the glaciers moving across Indiana.

In celebration of Indiana's 200 years as a state, a collection
of 200 items which were part of Indiana's history was displayed.

 Later many Hoosier Cruisers went to Victory Field to watch the Indians play the Mudhens which are minor league teams.  What a great place to really see a baseball game.  You are closer to the field so you are closer to the action.  The Covington's had made arrangements for the Hoosier Cruisers to be recognized on the jumbo screen.  We had great seats and as you can see andwere into the game even if we didn't know all the players names.  We just knew that we wanted the Indians to win!!

On Saturday, we attended the State Fair.  It was band day so some of the Hoosier Cruisers enjoyed the band contest.  The 4-H winners were also displayed and for many they found that this was interesting to see the quality and uniqueness of the projects.

At the State Fair you never know what may be shown.
They had sculptures made from cans of food and Lego's.  Who would have thought that cans could be used for an Angry Birds sculpture or a complete farms scene could be made from Legos.
The rally ended with Jerry Covington giving devotions on the topic, "Walk the Talk and Talk the Walk" which was a great closing for the rally.

Many thanks go to Jerry and Roberta Covington and Duane and Lois Stoner for an entertaining weekend.  Thank you!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Steve Ruster is on the Mend

Steve had heart surgery at St. Vincent hospital in Indianapolis on Thursday. He is recovering well and we look forward to seeing him at a Hoosier Cruiser Rally.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

From Popcorn to Eagles

The May Rally began on Thursday with 23 coaches arriving at CERAland.  The weather was a challenge, but all members got parked successfully without getting stuck.  That evening everyone got together around the campfire for a hotdog roast, chips, and dessert.  It was a great time to share what had happened during the winter months and to meet new members.  The first timers included Glenn & Angie Nulty, Paul & Cheryl Brosher, and Dick & Janice Bruner.

On Friday, members were invited to tour the “Not Just Popcorn” store.
Hoosier Cruisers saw how they produce their flavored popcorn which is shipped all over the world.  Who would believe that they have created over 400 flavors of popcorn?  After lunch the club caravanned to “Utopia-Wildlife Rehabilitators”, where a presentation about the services they provide including veterinary care, rehabilitation and release of birds and wildlife.  The habits and benefits from Peregrine falcons, Kestrel falcons, Turkey vultures,
Bald eagles, opossums, coyotes, tortoises, and owls were explained.  Everyone in attendance took away some new information.  In the evening a dinner of pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans, and dessert was provided.  The Hardacres brought a huge cake to help them celebrate their 50 th wedding anniversary. Again congratulations Carol and Jerry.

Saturday began with a pancake breakfast with a choice of extra toppings.  The rest of the day members traveled on their own to a variety of points of interest.  The day ended with fried chicken and sides provided by the members.  A comment was made which summarized supper.  “We sure have some excellent cooks in the club.”

Sunday was the last day of the rally which included coffee and donut holes, and devotions by Carol Hardacre.

What a great time, but it could not have happened without the help from Cassie & Steve Lisle, and Jerry & Roberta Covington who were the assistant rally masters.  Many thanks go to those persons who willingly give of their time to make for a successful rally.

By Bettie and Greg Wessel, Rally Masters

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

May Rally Road Detour

For those members who plan to attend the upcoming May Rally, Indiana 9 south is closed near CERAland.

If you are traveling south from northern Indiana, take I-65 south to US 31 south (Exit 76).Travel through Columbus and turn left on Ind. 46 to CERAland.  HC signs will be posted to help you navigate to CERAland. The adddress for CERAland is:  3989 S. 525 E., Columbus, IN  47203.

Hope that this information helps.

See map below.....
Click map to enlarge.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sad News to Report

We just received word that one of our long time members, Bill Berrier past away on December 13, 2015.  Services were held in Valparaiso on December 18th.  Please keep Sandra and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Sad News to Report

Long time Hoosier Cruiser member Joseph W. Johnson passed away March 9 in Muncie.  Joe and Rachel had not been at any of the rallies for a time but they were always at the Southern Christmas Parties and we just saw them last December.  Services will be held at 2:00 pm Saturday March 12 at Elm Ridge Funeral Home in Muncie.  Calling will be at the funeral home Friday March 11, 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm or after 1:00 pm Saturday.  The following link will take you to Joe’s obituary:

Please keep Rachel and her daughters in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fun, Fun, Fun in May

Looking for a good time in May?  Plan to attend the Hoosier Cruiser Rally on May 12th through the 15th at CERAland near Columbus Indiana.  The Lisles’, Covington’s and Wessel’s are planning a variety of activities and good food that should make for a great, entertaining event.

Some of the opportunities that members can choose from include visiting a popcorn shop. What’s so special about a popcorn shop?  Well, Not Just Popcorn, offers 240 flavors including Cajun, Carmel with Cashews and Apple Cider just to name a few.
Also planned is a presentation by Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators who will share their stories about injured animals that they have helped and returned to their habitat.  Some animals that cannot be released are used for their educational programs.

Oh, and yes we will have campfires where everyone can share what they did this winter.

No, we haven’t forgotten about food.  Thursday evening, after everyone has settled in we will have hotdogs, chips and dessert. Other meals will include Barbeque sandwiches, a traditional pancake breakfast, and a carry-in dinner. So no one should leave hungry.

To join in the fun print the registration form.  Click form below to print.
 May Rally Registration Form

The Lisles’, Covington’s and Wessel’s look forward to your participation in this enjoyable event. 
See Ya in May. Bettie and Greg Wessel

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hoosier Cruisers Gather in Florida

Hoosier Cruisers attended their annual winter luncheon, only this time they met in Wildwood, Florida, at the Golden Corral. 

It was a good time to share stories about their travels and where they are staying.  Everyone was in good spirits and looking forward to the upcoming activities and events.  Many thanks go  to Bob and Mable Heath who were the organizers for the luncheon.