Wednesday, June 21, 2017


June 8-11 the first rally of the season (due to the flooding at New Harmony) was held at Timberline RV Resort near Chesterfield, IN.  There were 17 coaches; and the attendees were Haldon & Sandra Ashton, Beth Bailey, Leland & Phyllis Bienz, Fred & Jane Bingman, Paul & Cheryl Brosher, Ross & Melanie Boyer, Ron & Linda Busby, Jane Clashman, Jerry & Roberta Covington, Harry & Connie Decausemaker, Jerry & Carol Hardacre, Steve & Judy Kincade, Darrell & Sharon Lane, Steve & Cassie Lisle, Bill & Susan Marr(guests), Don & Lou Ann Orman, Steve & Nancy Ruster, and Doug & Betty Tillman.  Busby, Lane and Marr’s were first timers and Marr’s joined the chapter before the rally was over.  They had just been a member of FMCA for one month.
As usual we ate well beginning Thursday evening at Golden Corral, Friday pancake and sausage breakfast hosted by Co-Rally Masters Carol & Jerry Hardacre, Friday evening dinner of fried chicken and pot luck, and Saturday evening dinner of homemade chicken and noodles at Chesterfield Christian Church.
We didn’t schedule a lot of activities, but Friday after breakfast the ladies gathered for a show and tell of their favorite gadgets and/or craft projects they work on this past winter.  Some of the gadgets were a vegetable chopper, pineapple slicer, and a stop boil over pot rock.  Some of the crafts were quilts and rugs made with fabric and yarn.  After Friday’s dinner, a business meeting was held.  See Jane Clashman’s column.  A drawing for miscellanies door prizes was held and a 50/50 drawing to benefit Riley Children’s Hospital.
On Saturday morning, the men gathered for coffee and technical discussion. After about ½ hour we adjourned to the outside for Doug Tillman to demonstrate an easy way to remove the cloudy film on light lenses.  He used a paper folded paper towel and Repel bug repellant that is available at Walmart.  I bought some Sunday after the rally; and Doug, it works very well.  Great tip!!
Some of the ladies went shopping and out to lunch and some of the men went to Indianapolis to wood working shops.  The weather was great, and campfires were held each night.  Great time to catch up on the events of the winter.
Ross baked rolls for the Saturday evening dinner and was asked to provide the recipe which follows.  He also baked blueberry and bran muffins for Sunday morning coffee.  And then following, Melanie and Jerry Hardacre led devotions for the members before departure.


1 pkg Dry Yeast
2 Tbs Sugar
2 Tbs Warm Water
½ Cup Melted Lard (I use Crisco)
1 Cup Warm Water
½ Cup Sugar
3 Eggs
5 Cups Flour
1 tsp Salt
¼ lb Butter

In a large mixer bowl, cream yeast, 2 Tbs Sugar and 2 Tbs Warm Water together.
Add ½ Cup Sugar, Melted Lard, and 3 well beaten Eggs.
Add 1 Cup Warm Water, 3 Cups of Flour, and 1 tsp Salt.
Beat until smooth and add the rest of the Flour (2 Cups).
Place in large greased bowl and cover with lid or plastic wrap.
Store in refrigerator overnight.
Divide dough into 4 parts, don’t let dough get warm.
Roll ¼ inch thick 1 part of dough on floured board.
Brush with melted Butter (Only use butter).
Cut in 1/8’s like a pie.
Roll each 1/8th from wide end to tip and pinch tip to hold.
Place on greased baking sheet.
Let rise in warm area 2 to 3 hours.
Bake in preheated oven at 400 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes.
Brush with melted butter.  Makes 32 rolls.