Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Not Too Late for a Fantastic Rally

Mae and Jack Stevens have planned a super rally in Crawfordsville.  This event will be held at the Sugar Creek Campground.  Enjoy the shade of the big trees, sipping ice tea, and visiting with friends.

On Friday, members have an opportunity to visit the Ropkey Armor Museum which is one of the largest  and finest collections of U.S. tactical military vehicles in the country.  Fred Ropkey has restored tanks from W.W. I through the Iraq War, as well as Jeeps, motorcycles, and airplanes.  You will see a jet that was designed to take off and land both vertically and horizontally.  It is the only one in existence and was used by Neil Armstrong.  Next is the General Lew Wallace Study and Museum, a National Historic Landmark dedicated to celebrating the legacy of Lew Wallace, Civil War Major General, diplomat, inventor, and world-renowned author of "Ben-Hur".  Yes, Charlton Heston has been here!
Saturday, attendees can see the Rotary Jail Museum, built in 1882 and used until 1973.  Unbelieveable!  You gotta see it!!  It was the first of nine rotary jails in the U.S. and is currently the only one in operating condition.

Other options for the afternoons are canoeing and kayaking down Sugar Creek to Shades or Turkey Run State Park.  Also available is the 4 1/4 mile Sugar Creek Trail for walking or biking on the west side of town.  Shades State Park and Pines Hills Nature Preserve (the first dedicated nature preserve in the state and the most highly patronized) are not far.  There are three or four golf courses in the may want to bring your clubs.  The Mid'town Museum of Native Cultures just up the road on US lady's collection....she loves her hobby.  And for those railroad buffs, the Linden Depot Museum, built in 1907, is the oldest junction depot in Indiana.  It has been restored to the 1950's era of railroading with numerous artifacts on display.
You won't want to miss this great rally, so send in the registration form today!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Darke County Rally

The National RV Great Lakers invited members of the Hoosier Cruisers to attend a rally in Darke County, Ohio.  Rally Masters Dennis and Betty Behnken had planned a great rally that included a factory tour of the Kitchen Aid plant and the Kitchen Aid store.  During the tour attendees saw mixers being assembled which are available in over 50 colors.  The tour guides were knowledgeable and answered all questions. Great tour!

At the store attendees purchased appliances and accessories which were good buys.  But the best part was making apple dumplings that were baked by the instructors.  Later members returned for their dessert which included a scoop of ice cream.  Smiles were present on everybody's face as they enjoyed their afternoon treat. 

On Friday, participants visited the Garst Museum which includes several exhibits:  Annie Oakley, Lowell Thomas, Military History, and American Indians.  The docents provided much information about each display and were present to answer questions.  Everyone left a little more enlightened.

On Saturday, campers were given the freedom to choose what adventure they wanted to pursue.  Bettie and I chose to take part of the Quilt Barn Tour which is located in Miami County.  An artist from Mexico painted quilt blocks on over 50 barns in the area.  We were fascinated with this project which is available to anyone who wants to take a scenic drive.

Hoosier Cruisers appreciated the hospitality that was extended by the National RV Great Lakers.  The members were warm and included everyone in the activities that were planned.  This was evident during the catered dinner where everyone fellowshiped together. 

Thanks go to Dennis & Betty Behnken, Terry & Joan Swank who went out of their way to make this rally a success for their members and guests.  Thank you!

Bremen Rally Huge Success

The fun filled June Rally was held due to the efforts of Denny and Linda Filson, and Steve and Cassie Lisle.  The well attended rally was held in Bremen, IN, at Pla-More Campground.  The first scheduled tour was of the Newmar Factory.  Members were treated to a detailed description of how motorhomes are made in the Nappanee plant.  They were shown how coaches were built from the frame up including construction and painting. 

It was impressive!

On Saturday, rally goers traveled to the Martin Buggy Shop where they received a tour of the shop and a buggy ride.  For the woodworkers the buggy shop was followed by a visit to Mint City Millworks where everyone learned how grandfather clocks are made. 

The day ended with an authentic Amish Dinner.  WOW, what great food.  No one left the table hungry after a family style dinner that ended with homemade desserts.

As the coaches left everyone offered their appreciation for a job well done in creating a fun filled rally.  Thanks!

GLASS 2010

The Hoosier Cruisers arrived on the Wednesday prior to the beginning of the rally.  Arriving the day before was great because there was less traffic.  The club was placed in a great area for camping which allowed members to participate in "happy hours", and share their experiences while at the rally.  Doug Tilmann even arranged for the club members to be entertained at their sites.  As you can see the ladies were having a great time.

The GLASS Rally provided a variety of seminars from jewelry making to maintenance sessions that were of interest to the members.  Several vendors were there to sell there items and services.  Many members had their coaches washed and waxed which made them look like new.

On Saturday, the Hoosier Cruisers served the evening meal to over 600 attendees.  Over 50 HC men and women participated in this event.  Not only is it an opportunity to provide service, but they had a good time doing it.

The evening entertainment include a parade of chapters.  Participants were treated to a variety of entertainers who provided foot-tapping music and humorous jokes that kept the audience laughing.

The club also participated in the Chapter Fair where the club's activities and events were showcased.  During the rally FMCA members joined the HC Chapter.

This rally was truly an enjoyable experience that left those attending wanting more.  Don't forget to mark your calendar for next year's GLASS Rally which will be held the last weekend in in May.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

GLASS Pre-rally

WOW, what a pre-rally.  Attending members were given royal hospitality by Betty and Doug Tilmann.  With the able assistance of the Schumakers and the Wilts, attendees had a rally packed full of activities.  Doug assisted in parking the coaches and all went well even though they had received several inches of rain a few nights before.  As you can see their property provided a beautiful setting for evening campfires, grilled hamburgers and a pitch-in chili supper.  Betty even took lemonade to campers at their coaches.  Now that's service.

The chili was heated in a cauldron over the campfire.  Everyone brought their own secret recipe of chili, and it was all mixed together for a brew that was delicious.  In addition to fun on grounds, a tour was taken that allowed members to view a repair shop that reconstructs coaches that have had a fire or extensive body damage.  It was amazing how the shop was able to make old coaches look like new.
As a final meal together the group traveled to "Between the Buns" which is a restaurant/bar that has good food and great live entertainment.  The pre-rally was a great lead-in to the GLASS Rally that was held in Berrien Springs.  The Hoosier Cruisers want to thank the Tilmanns for their great hospitality and hard work.