Friday, August 12, 2016

The Indy Rally Had Something for Everyone

The rally and assistant rally masters planned a rally that had a variety of activities.  As usual Thursday was a day when most of the eighteen coaches arrived and set up.  The Marion County Fairgrounds  was an excellent venue where the sites were level and each had 30 amp electricity. Parking the coaches was easy and we were all camped together.  The fairgrounds is centrally located which made traveling to the different attractions an easy task.  After setting up, the members gathered for dinner at Ponderosa.

Friday began with a sausage gravy and biscuits breakfast which was delicious. There was enough to feed an army so no one left hungry.  Next, the attendees had an opportunity to visit the Indiana State Museum which had excellent
displays related to the history of Indiana.  On the first floor the exhibits contained many prehistoric artifacts and educational displays that explained the results from the glaciers moving across Indiana.

In celebration of Indiana's 200 years as a state, a collection
of 200 items which were part of Indiana's history was displayed.

 Later many Hoosier Cruisers went to Victory Field to watch the Indians play the Mudhens which are minor league teams.  What a great place to really see a baseball game.  You are closer to the field so you are closer to the action.  The Covington's had made arrangements for the Hoosier Cruisers to be recognized on the jumbo screen.  We had great seats and as you can see andwere into the game even if we didn't know all the players names.  We just knew that we wanted the Indians to win!!

On Saturday, we attended the State Fair.  It was band day so some of the Hoosier Cruisers enjoyed the band contest.  The 4-H winners were also displayed and for many they found that this was interesting to see the quality and uniqueness of the projects.

At the State Fair you never know what may be shown.
They had sculptures made from cans of food and Lego's.  Who would have thought that cans could be used for an Angry Birds sculpture or a complete farms scene could be made from Legos.
The rally ended with Jerry Covington giving devotions on the topic, "Walk the Talk and Talk the Walk" which was a great closing for the rally.

Many thanks go to Jerry and Roberta Covington and Duane and Lois Stoner for an entertaining weekend.  Thank you!