Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sincere Sympathies

The Hoosiser Cruisers wish to extend their sincere sympathies to the family of Joe and Juanita Rush.


Ernie and Jane are wanting names of those that will be in Florida this winter. We would like to continue Charlie Snow's idea of having lunch together in January and February. We need your Florida location, phone number and e-mail address.
Send to or call:
Jane: 765-617-6708
Ernie: 765-606-4067

What do seed corn, antique cars and chocolate candy have in common?

The September Rally offered a wide variety of activities and events. Participants could choose one or all of the offerings. Tours included a seed company, candy shop, museum, lapidary shop, tractor pull, glass making, antique cars, and great food.

Becks Seed Company uses scientific methods to continuously improve the yield and resistance to diseases of their crops. Robots are even used to stack the bags of seed.

Those attending learned how hybrid plants are made from inbred plants. When the seed corn is grown and then picked from the fields of seed corn, the corn must be inspected and sorted by hand.

Below, one of the Becks Seed workers plants individual seeds to be grown in the greenhouse. These plants will be used in experimental plots to improve the traits of the plants being grown.

Tipton was selected as the rally site by Rally Masters Bill and Judy Asbury, and Assistant Rally Masters Bob and Rosalie Gollner because the Pork Festival was being held. We had many opportunities to try several pork entrees. The pork chops and pulled pork was excellent!

You may notice that Jim and Steve are deep in conversation with a local sheriff. No, they were not detained by the law.

Jerry and Jim look on as the owner of the House of Glass creates a paper weight. He uses shards of colored glass with crystal clear glass to make the one of a kind ornaments.

We visited the Spencer Lapidary shop where the owner cuts and polishes rocks/gems into perfect orbs. He has been contracted by NASA and other companies to produce spheres.

The candymaker and owner of the Venus Chocolate Shop makes mouth watering chocolate. She uses recipes that were passed down to her from her father. Whether you tried chocolate clusters of chocolate creams you were left with the craving for more. At age 72 she works six days a week and said that she plans to live to 100.

As usual the rally participants enjoyed good food and fellowship. They were also treated by Rev. Bubba who retold several fractured Bible stories. Needless to say the crowd was rolling in the aisles with his antics.

Visiting the Elwood Haynes Museum is like stepping back in time. The mansion contained original furnishings and the 1905 Model L Haynes. Mr. Haynes made his first trial run on his new automobile in 1894. In 1898 Mr. Haynes and Apperson formed a partnership known as the Haynes-Apperson Automobile Company. He is also known for his contribution in developing and producing stainless steel and Stellite alloys.

Bob and Rosalie Gollner opened their private museum of rare automobiles. They are pictured in front of a Maxwell that Bob has restored.

Members were fortunate in being able to view very rare antique automobiles manufactured by the Cole automobile company. Bob Gollner was on hand to explain the the mechanics of the Haynes and Apperson vehicles.

The Gollners were gracious hosts and allowed Hoosier Cruisers to drive or ride in the cars that were part of the private collection. What a thrill to actually ride in autos that were produced in the early 1900's.

Many thanks go to Bill and Judy Asbury, and Bob and Rosalie Gollner for a spectacular rally.

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