Monday, December 13, 2010

Hoosier Cruisers bound for Perry

There are a number of our members headed to Perry Georgia for the FMCA International Rally in March. Exec. V.P. Steve Lisle is attempting to organize our attendees so that as many as possible can park together. There may be an opportunity to meet at a campground the day before but details are still up in the air. First priority is that everyone enter the rally grounds on the same day. If you wish to join the group please send your registration to FMCA and request that you enter on Saturday March 11,2011. I suggest you contact Steve ( ) to be added to the list so that he can keep you informed of the latest plans.

Christmas Dinners

There were two terrific Christmas dinners this year. Once again the Anderson In. dinner arranged by Ernie and Jane Clashman was well attended with 40 members enjoying fellowship and an opportunity to catch up with each other. Many are headed to warmer locals and are anxious to get to their winter relief zones. A new dinner this year in the northern area in Goshen In. arranged by Connie and Harry DeCausmaker, Betty and Doug Tilmann and Janice and Dick Shumaker was a tremendous success. Thirty-two enjoyed a great meal and Connie provided cupcakes and door prizes for all attendees. Jon Walker, Great Lakes Area national V.P., presented an update during the dinner on some of the changes going on in FMCA. I'm sure both dinners will be highly anticipated next year.

Thanks from the Sweet Family

Carol Sweet and Family wish to thank the Hoosier Cruisers for the many cards of condolence they received following the passing of Gary. The "warm and caring thoughts" and memories of "many good times with the Hoosier Cruisers" have been comforting during this difficult time.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Floyd Harding Died Suddenly in September

Pat Harding notified the Hoosier Cruisers that her husband died suddenly in September.  He was playing a game of basketball which he did weekly when he decided to sit the second game out.  He passed out on the bench and could not be revived.

The Hoosier Cruisers wish to offer their sincere condolences to the family.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mabel Heath in the News

Mabel Heath, Hoosier Cruiser member, made the news in The Herald Bulletin.  She was recognized as the office manager for the Devonshire Veterinarian Clinic in Anderson, IN.  She said, "the clinic is committed to doing the best in can for ints clients.  They use state-of-the-art equipment and are constantly looking to the future in techniques."

Great job, Mabel!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Hoosier Cruisers Will Miss Gary Sweet

Gary Sweet, long time member of the Hoosier Cruisers passed away the first week in November.  Gary and Carol were active members and served as rally masters.  Hoosier Cruiser members wish to express their sincere sympathy to Carol and family.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun in Frankfort

Who would have guessed that Frankfort, IN, is the new entertainment capital in Indiana.  Hoosier Cruisers arrived on Thursday at the Broadview Campground.  By 12:30 members were already lining up to tour the National Cigar Factory which is one of only four remaining cigar factories in the United States.  The factory began operation in 1917 and many of the machines looked as though they were original.  Tobacco is purchased from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.  Employees make a wide variety of cigars including "stogies" which were popular during the Civil War.  It was great tour.

On Friday, we all realized that there was no way that you could do everything that was available.  In the morning members brought in items that they no longer needed which were swapped with other members.  This was followed with a craft workshop that turned everyday soda can tabs into jewelry or decorative bands.

Later some of the members toured the Tech Group which is a high tech factory that make a variety of items including parts for batteries.  Other members chose to visit a auto museum that had showcased the progress of the auto industry.  Cars that were on display included Dusenburgs, a Cord, Packards, a Tucker, a T-bird, and a Mustang. 

In the evening, we toured Wesley Manor, had an excellent meal, and were entertained by the "String-alongs".  Check out the previous article with the lyrics for "Rovin' in My Old RV" written by Lowell H. Brown.  There is also a video clip to view which includes their music.

Saturday, began with a pitch-in breakfast, but by 9:30 we were on the road again to Dull's Christmas Tree farm.  The owners explained the process of growing trees to be purchased for the holiday season.  They also have restored log cabins.  One is used as a "bed and breakfast".  It had the most unique shower that was an artificial falls that tumbled over a rock ledge.  Fascinating!

Beth and Bruce Bailey planned a hotdog roast at the Dorsey farm.  Hoosier Cruisers enjoyed cooking their hotdog over an open fire.  The lunch also included potato salad, lemonade, iced tea, and pumpkin pie.  What a feast! 

A cake was also provided by Rick and Sandy Hahn recognizing the efforts of Greg and Bettie Wessel.  It was delicious.

For the adventurous members, several were treated with a ride in a combine.  For us city slickers this was a new experience and all were impressed with the great strides made in farming.  Agriculture is a high tech business today.

 And if we had not had enough exciting experiences, we had one more opportunity.  Dr. John Saalwaechter flew his Bonanza plane to the Frankfort airport and treated several Hoosier Cruisers to flights over the surrounding area including the campground where we were camping.

The day ended at Camp Cullom with an observatory program.

Sunday, members gathered for donuts and a church service provided by Lowell Brown.  He provided a message about "Love" that was uplifting.

We were sad to realize that the camping season for 2010 had ended, but were excited about the upcoming season in 2011.  Make sure that you check the blog for updated information during the winter months.

Congratulations to the New HC Officers for 2011

The following members were unanimously elected as officers at the September Rally.  Please congratulate these cruisers who are willing to serve as officers to continue the great traditions of the club.

PRESIDENT ------------------------------Rick Hahn


SECRETARY-----------------------------Sandy Hahn

TREASURER-----------------------------Cassie Lisle

NAT’L. DIRECTOR----------------------Bettie Wessel

ALT. NAT’L DIRECTOR----------------Jerry Hardacre

NORTH V. PRES------------------------Harry DeCausemaker

CENTRAL V. PRES.---------------------Bob Heath

SOUTHERN V. PRES-------------------Greg Wessel

*NEWSLETTER EDITOR---------------Jill Winebrenner

Lyrics to Rovin' in My Old RV II by Lowell H. Brown

I walked into a dealership With not much on my mind. A salesman grabbed me by the arm.  He was one of a kind.  When I had kicked a tire or two "Twas very plain to me That I would soon be rovin' in an old RV.

I bought myself a set of maps, The latest campground guide.  With storage space stuffed to the roof, My soul-mate at my side, I have my G P S turned on.  There's  many a sight to see.  And you can find me rovin' in my old RV.

I pulled into a camping ground One darek and stormy night.  The winds wer really kick-in' up, The lightnin' flashin' bright.  When come the dawn , it's raning yet. I'm soaked as you can see I smell, but I'm still rovin' in my old RV.

I'm headin' for the mountain tops, A stompin' on the gas To make the steep and curvy grade, Then whizzin' thru the pass.  A chuggin' and a smokin', Cars are linin' up, I see So slowly I'm a rovin' in my old RV.

I joined that Hoosier Cruisers band Who come from near and far.  Arriving in those monstrous rigs pushed by a tiny car.  They have a yen for 4 H grounds, Pitch-ins and sights to see.  And then they go off rovin' in their old RVs.

There'll come a time when I'll be found A drivin' 'round the bend.  Some folks are sayin' that will be My ever livin' end.  If so, my good and faithful friends, Now just you come to see; You'll find me up there rovin' in my old RV.

Click on the play button to play video.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

HC 2011 Application

Now is the time to send your dues to Sandy Hahn the Hoosier Cruisers secretary.  The club continues to be a bargain at $15.  Don't miss out on a single rally and send your dues today!

Click on the icon below for a printable application form:

Frolicking Fun at the Elkhart Fairgrounds

Hoosier Crusier members enjoyed food and activities planned by the Tilmanns, Schumakers and Wilts.  The rally began on Thursday.  There were 39 coaches including four coaches who had recently joined the Hoosier Cruisers.  The organizers made sure that we would have a great time by including "happy hours" held around tables that had been decorated in fall colors including many quilts.  It was quite festive.

In the evening everyone enjoyed the food provided by members at a pitch-in dinner.  No one left hungry.

During the rally, the Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale was in full swing.  The auctions and booths raise money for persons suffering from natural disasters.  Members purchased and sampled home made baked goods, attended auctions including a quilt auction that featured several beautiful handmade quilts. Other auctions included antiques and children's items.  For those interested in crafts, an entire building showcased items from all over the world.   There was certainly something of interest for everyone.

Friday evening several members savored a delicious "haystack supper".  It was similar to a taco salad on a plate.  Your meal was made as you walked along the serving line selecting the topping that you wanted.  It was scrumptious.

Have you ever been to a hay auction?  Well those that attended had an opportunity to check out an auction where local farmers bring their hay to be sold.  The seller also is typically responsible for delivering the hay.  We were all surprised how quickly the sales were completed.

On Saturday after enjoying all activities at the fairgrounds we traveled to the Old Bag Factory where we were served a delicious meal.  Following the meal, arrangements had been made for us all to be entertained by a "sweet adeline" group.  The songs were fun and some of the lyrics had been changed which made the crowd laugh. One song poked fun at "blondes". The vocalist crooned that she didn't know how to spell VW, but it didn't make any difference because she drove a Porche.

The rally ended on Sunday with a meaningful message provided by Alan Schmiedt. He provided one of his "short and shallow" talks that always gives you something to think about on your way home.

As people began to leave, they were already talking about the next rally.  If you missed this one make sure that you join your friends at the next rally at Broadview Lake Campground.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Our club received 12 membership recruitment cards which entitles our club to a Chapter Prize Package.  We could not have done without the support of our members.  A special thanks goes to the Boyers, Lisles and Tilmanns who are our SUPER CLUB BOOSTERS!


Colfax/Frankfort Rally - October 7-10, 2010

The October Rally will be held at:
Broadview Lake Campground
4850 South Broadview Rd., Colfax, IN 46035

From Jct. of I-65 and Hwy 28 (exit 158) go west 2.5 miles on 28 to Hwy 52. Turn left (south) on 52 for 3.1 miles to Broadview.

We will start on Thursday with a 1:00 p.m. tour of the National Cigar Factory in Frankfort for those who can arrive early. It is one of only 5 cigar factories left in the United States.

Friday morning after the pitch-in breakfast, Jane Clashman will be teaching us how to make bookmarks from pull tabs. The same technique can be used for hat bands and other items. Everyone please bring your pop can pull tabs.

We will also be having a swap meet/garage sale Friday morning. Bring all those items you have not used all season and see if someone else would like to haul them around next season. There will be space available for swapping RV related items or selling your handmade crafts or just cleaning out a closet. Maybe you traded coaches and now your tire covers do not fit. You might find someone looking for that very size. Maybe you love to quilt but cannot use 10 quilts in a 1-bedroom RV. Bring it along with a price attached and we will see what happens. Maybe you read a book or built a jigsaw puzzle last winter and would like to trade for a different one for this winter?

Friday afternoon we have optional tours planned. Tech Group (which makes plastic parts such as the cases for ChapStick) factory tour or the Clinton County Historical Museum. You might like to make a quick stop at Zachary’s (formerly Peter Paul Mounds) outlet store. Then we will regroup at Wesley Manor for a brief tour and dinner. The String-A-Longs of Wesley Manor will entertain after dinner.

Saturday after the pitch-in breakfast, we will go to Dull’s Christmas Tree Farm near Mechanicsburg. In addition to Christmas trees, they have a restored barn. After a “Frankfort Hot Dog” roast we will tour the Dorsey Grain Farm where, in addition to corn and beans, they raise giant pumpkins. (Yes, the high school mascot really is a Hot Dog). Saturday night after dinner on your own we will view the stars at Prairie Grass Observatory. A chili supper fund raiser is being held at Camp Cullom, site of the observatory, or several restaurants are available in Frankfort.

Registration Deadline September 25, 2010

Rally Masters: Bruce and Beth Bailey 765-621-5734
Assistant RM’s: Jane and Ernie Clashman 765-617-6708 and
Lowel and Wilma Brown 765-242-3521 (Lowell) 765-242-9242 (Wilma)

Click on the registration to the right to print out a rally registration form.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Great Time at August Rally

The Rally in Clinton was a rousing success. On Saturday there were 25 coaches and 56 people. This included two 1st timers and two guests. Thursday, 30 enjoyed a very good dinner at the Tuscany Steak House in Paris, Ill.
Friday, members were split into two groups and toured Elanco where they developed a micro organism into usable food for farm animals. The other group visited Kleptz's classic and vintage auto and bikes chain saws etc. David Kleptz was able to describe the mechanical aspects of each vehicle and provide history on some.

Friday evening, Lois Ann, served her famous Pork BBQ, slaw, chips and Marybelle's baked beans.

Saturday, some of the ladies drove to Paris to take a quilt tour. Approx 40 drove to the Don Smith complex to view his five barns of race cars vintage auto 500 mile race memorabilia and walls covered with pictures of Larry Bird, AJ Foyt,Tony Hulman and many other dignitaries.

The afternoon many visited Lookout Farm to see how Alpaca's are raised and bred. Very interesting and informative.

Sat evening a catered dinner of Beef Burgundy, green beans, a delicious salad and two kinds of cake for desert.
As you can see there was lots of fun and attendees had a great time!
Information submitted by Duane and Lois Stoner
Photos courtesy of Ernie Clashman

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Redmond Oregon or Bust

We made it!  The Wessels, Hahns and Schmiedts entered the gates together and were camped in the same location.  The scenery is outstanding and there is plenty of parking.  The facilities are top notch.  You can see that the Schmiedts were hard at work watching the rest of us set up. 

To kick off the rally we all had dinner together.  One thing that Hoosier Cruisers do well is have get-togethers.  We have also run into the Boyers and Ed Cassada.

Bettie is representing the club at the FMCA meetings and the rest of us are enjoying the seminars/activities.  Monday night we viewed the "Long, Long, Trailer".  What Fun!  Tuesday night we were entertained by Debbie Reynolds. 

The rally is sure to be another exciting event.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lowell E. Hardacre Will Be Missed

Lowell E. Hardacre, 77, of Anderson, died at his residence on Tuesday, July 20, 2010.  Services will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at Rozelle-Johnson Funeral Service.  Burial will be in Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery. Friends may call from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the funeral home.

Lowell had served as National Director several times for the Hoosier Cruisers. Members of the Hoosier Cruisers want to extend their heartfelt sympathies to Jerry and Carol Hardacre, and family.

Monday, July 19, 2010

August and September Rallies - Packed Full of Fun!

You won't want to miss the August Rally.  Duane and Lois Stoner will be hosting a rally in Clinton with Russ and Marybelle Myers.  They have planned a variety of activities that should be of interest to all who attend.  Some of the activities include a tour of Klelptz Vintage Cars and Memorabilia, a tour of Elanco Products Division of Eli Lilly and a tour of The Clabber Girl Museum.  You can also count of good food. Members will be treated to homemade BBQ sandwiches, slaw and chips.  Mark your calendar on August 19-22 for a fun filled rally in Clinton.  Click below for the registration: 

The September Rally will be hosted by Doug and Betty Tilmann. They will be assisted by Dick and Janice Schumaker, and Fred and Cathy Loucke.  You all know that the Tilmans planned the Pre-GLASS Rally that was a great time.  The rally will be held at the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds in Goshen, IN, on September 23-26.  Mark your calendar today so that you will not miss this rally.

Some of the planned activities include the Haystack Dinner, the annual Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale and Quilt Auction, Antique Auction, craft and bakery booths, dinner at the Trolley Cafe' and much, much more.

Check your July/August Newsletter for additional information. 

If your address or email address has changed, please contact Secretary, Sandy Hahn (, and Newsletter editor, Cheryl Schmiedt (

For Hoosier Cruisers, the fun never stops, it just keeps on rolling!

July Rally Roaring Success

Jack and Mae Stevens planned an excellent rally that was enticing to all who attended.  They had activities for senior members and for grandchildren who attended.  The coaches began to roll in on Wednesday and continued through Friday.  The first scheduled activity was a visit to the Ropkey Armour Museum.  This is a private collection of equipment and items used in WWI through present day.  Many of the members who have served in the armed services remembered many of the artifacts displayed. 

The Tilmann grandsons were fascinated with the tanks and were allowed to climb in and experience what it was like to be inside a real armored vehicle.

Friday afternoon,  members took a walking tour of the historic homes in Crawfordsville.  We toured the Wabash College President's home which was built in the 1800's.

Our tour guide also shared information about the exploits of Lew Wallace who served as a U.S. soldier and a General in the Civil War.  He later became a lawyer who prosecuted the conspirators in the Lincoln assassination.  He was the U.S Minister to the Ottoman Empire, but is probably best know as the author of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.   Lew Wallace had a study built where he wrote and studied.  It was interesting that originally the structure had a moat around it where Lew would often go fishing from the windows in the basement.

That evening we shared food at a carry-in.  And as usual the food was outstanding.  No one went back to their coach hungry.

The next day, members traveled into Crawfordsville to tour the first and only rotary jail that is still operational.  The entire circular structure of cells rotates on a column.  When it was first opened there was only one door into the cells.  The cells were rotated to allow admittance or exit by the prisoners.  The front of the jail was the home of the sheriff.

Saturday afternoon, several members went tubing down Sugar Creek.  What a beautiful day!  The sun was out and the creek was swift.  No one had to get out and walk.

The day ended with a excellent meal at the Elks Club where we were treated to catered dinner what was enjoyed by all.  Food and fellowship, what could be better.

You know that a rallly is a success when the rally masters are still smiling at the end of the weekend.  Mae and Jack extended their sincere appreciation to all those members who helped orchestrate a rally full of activities and fun.

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Not Too Late for a Fantastic Rally

Mae and Jack Stevens have planned a super rally in Crawfordsville.  This event will be held at the Sugar Creek Campground.  Enjoy the shade of the big trees, sipping ice tea, and visiting with friends.

On Friday, members have an opportunity to visit the Ropkey Armor Museum which is one of the largest  and finest collections of U.S. tactical military vehicles in the country.  Fred Ropkey has restored tanks from W.W. I through the Iraq War, as well as Jeeps, motorcycles, and airplanes.  You will see a jet that was designed to take off and land both vertically and horizontally.  It is the only one in existence and was used by Neil Armstrong.  Next is the General Lew Wallace Study and Museum, a National Historic Landmark dedicated to celebrating the legacy of Lew Wallace, Civil War Major General, diplomat, inventor, and world-renowned author of "Ben-Hur".  Yes, Charlton Heston has been here!
Saturday, attendees can see the Rotary Jail Museum, built in 1882 and used until 1973.  Unbelieveable!  You gotta see it!!  It was the first of nine rotary jails in the U.S. and is currently the only one in operating condition.

Other options for the afternoons are canoeing and kayaking down Sugar Creek to Shades or Turkey Run State Park.  Also available is the 4 1/4 mile Sugar Creek Trail for walking or biking on the west side of town.  Shades State Park and Pines Hills Nature Preserve (the first dedicated nature preserve in the state and the most highly patronized) are not far.  There are three or four golf courses in the may want to bring your clubs.  The Mid'town Museum of Native Cultures just up the road on US lady's collection....she loves her hobby.  And for those railroad buffs, the Linden Depot Museum, built in 1907, is the oldest junction depot in Indiana.  It has been restored to the 1950's era of railroading with numerous artifacts on display.
You won't want to miss this great rally, so send in the registration form today!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Darke County Rally

The National RV Great Lakers invited members of the Hoosier Cruisers to attend a rally in Darke County, Ohio.  Rally Masters Dennis and Betty Behnken had planned a great rally that included a factory tour of the Kitchen Aid plant and the Kitchen Aid store.  During the tour attendees saw mixers being assembled which are available in over 50 colors.  The tour guides were knowledgeable and answered all questions. Great tour!

At the store attendees purchased appliances and accessories which were good buys.  But the best part was making apple dumplings that were baked by the instructors.  Later members returned for their dessert which included a scoop of ice cream.  Smiles were present on everybody's face as they enjoyed their afternoon treat. 

On Friday, participants visited the Garst Museum which includes several exhibits:  Annie Oakley, Lowell Thomas, Military History, and American Indians.  The docents provided much information about each display and were present to answer questions.  Everyone left a little more enlightened.

On Saturday, campers were given the freedom to choose what adventure they wanted to pursue.  Bettie and I chose to take part of the Quilt Barn Tour which is located in Miami County.  An artist from Mexico painted quilt blocks on over 50 barns in the area.  We were fascinated with this project which is available to anyone who wants to take a scenic drive.

Hoosier Cruisers appreciated the hospitality that was extended by the National RV Great Lakers.  The members were warm and included everyone in the activities that were planned.  This was evident during the catered dinner where everyone fellowshiped together. 

Thanks go to Dennis & Betty Behnken, Terry & Joan Swank who went out of their way to make this rally a success for their members and guests.  Thank you!

Bremen Rally Huge Success

The fun filled June Rally was held due to the efforts of Denny and Linda Filson, and Steve and Cassie Lisle.  The well attended rally was held in Bremen, IN, at Pla-More Campground.  The first scheduled tour was of the Newmar Factory.  Members were treated to a detailed description of how motorhomes are made in the Nappanee plant.  They were shown how coaches were built from the frame up including construction and painting. 

It was impressive!

On Saturday, rally goers traveled to the Martin Buggy Shop where they received a tour of the shop and a buggy ride.  For the woodworkers the buggy shop was followed by a visit to Mint City Millworks where everyone learned how grandfather clocks are made. 

The day ended with an authentic Amish Dinner.  WOW, what great food.  No one left the table hungry after a family style dinner that ended with homemade desserts.

As the coaches left everyone offered their appreciation for a job well done in creating a fun filled rally.  Thanks!