Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fort Wayne Fun!

Marcie & Chuck Bayman, and Steve & Judy Kincaid provided a great venue, delicious food, and exciting places to see.  The Hoosier Cruisers gathered at the Allen County Fairgrounds in Fort Wayne. It was great to renew acquaintances and swap "tall tales".

On Friday the day began with a pitch-in breakfast and as usual the food was delicious.  Next we traveled to Sweetwater which distributes music equipment around the world.  The owner began in a VW van and mixed the music of early rock-n-roll artists.

We toured the facility and were entertained by an employee who played a grand piano that cost over $74,000.  He was amazing and so was the piano. As he played it sounded as though there was a whole orchestra playing with him.

The members also participated in drum circle.  The presenter told about the various drums and where they had originated.  Then each Hoosier Cruiser played various types of drums together and what a surprise.....we really sounded pretty good.

That evening we were treated to barbecue ribs or chicken from a local restaurant.  You have heard the old expression, "finger licking good",  well that was the case.

Saturday, began with another carry-in breakfast and then the remainder of the day was spent visiting a variety of events.  Many visited the Johnny Appleseed Festival which is a huge venue for arts and crafts.  Members had the opportunity to purchase one of a kind items.  Jack Devers told members about a car show which included customized cars, classic cars, antique cars, and hotrods. There was something for everyone.

If you were unable to attend you really missed an exciting rally.  Many thanks go the the rally masters and assistant rally masters.