Wednesday, May 18, 2016

From Popcorn to Eagles

The May Rally began on Thursday with 23 coaches arriving at CERAland.  The weather was a challenge, but all members got parked successfully without getting stuck.  That evening everyone got together around the campfire for a hotdog roast, chips, and dessert.  It was a great time to share what had happened during the winter months and to meet new members.  The first timers included Glenn & Angie Nulty, Paul & Cheryl Brosher, and Dick & Janice Bruner.

On Friday, members were invited to tour the “Not Just Popcorn” store.
Hoosier Cruisers saw how they produce their flavored popcorn which is shipped all over the world.  Who would believe that they have created over 400 flavors of popcorn?  After lunch the club caravanned to “Utopia-Wildlife Rehabilitators”, where a presentation about the services they provide including veterinary care, rehabilitation and release of birds and wildlife.  The habits and benefits from Peregrine falcons, Kestrel falcons, Turkey vultures,
Bald eagles, opossums, coyotes, tortoises, and owls were explained.  Everyone in attendance took away some new information.  In the evening a dinner of pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans, and dessert was provided.  The Hardacres brought a huge cake to help them celebrate their 50 th wedding anniversary. Again congratulations Carol and Jerry.

Saturday began with a pancake breakfast with a choice of extra toppings.  The rest of the day members traveled on their own to a variety of points of interest.  The day ended with fried chicken and sides provided by the members.  A comment was made which summarized supper.  “We sure have some excellent cooks in the club.”

Sunday was the last day of the rally which included coffee and donut holes, and devotions by Carol Hardacre.

What a great time, but it could not have happened without the help from Cassie & Steve Lisle, and Jerry & Roberta Covington who were the assistant rally masters.  Many thanks go to those persons who willingly give of their time to make for a successful rally.

By Bettie and Greg Wessel, Rally Masters