Tuesday, August 26, 2014

September Rally

Darke County Fairgrounds in Greenville Ohio will be the site of the September rally on September 11th through 14th.  Rally Master Bob and Mable Heath along with Assistant Rally Masters Jane Clashman and Beth Bailey have planned a very interesting and fun weekend.  Dinner Thursday evening will be held at Fairlawn Steak House. 

Friday morning the group will tour the Kitchen Aid factory.  Remember, that Kitchen Aid requires that you not have open toed shoes nor high heels on during the tour.  This tour should enlighten us as to just how our Kitchen Aid appliances are put together.  Late that morning we will make a visit to the Kitchen Aid Experience.  This is the place where they hold their cooking classes and is also the outlet store.  All indications are we will be making apple dumplings.  While the apple dumplings are baking everyone will have lunch on their own.  But just remember when you return from lunch, voila Hot Apple Dumplings with ice cream for dessert!!

There will also be a visit to the Garst Museum.  This facility is the home of the Darke County Historical Society.  There are many displays going back to the Treaty of Greene Ville.  More notable displays include the life of Annie Oakley and of Radio Broadcaster Lowell Thomas among many other displays.

Friday and Saturday morning breakfasts will be a carry in with a special arrangement.  On Friday those who’s last names begin with A thru L will bring breakfast for the group.  Then on Saturday morning last names M thru Z will bring breakfast for the group.

Friday evenings dinner will be provided by the Rally Masters and Assistants.  This should be another great dinner.  After Friday nights dinner there will be the Fall Business meeting.  Saturday nights dinner will be catered. 

The rally will conclude Sunday morning with coffee, juice and donuts followed by devotions.  Don’t miss this Rally, you will enjoy it.

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