Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pre Rally and GLASS

Six coaches arrived at the Tilmann property for a pre-rallly.  The Tilman's and Schumaker's were well prepared for those attending.  Members were treated to an excellent chicken dinner prepared by Doug; it was delicious!  Attendees also had a pitch-in Italian dinner and as usual the food was excellent.

In addition to eating Doug had arranged a tech seminar at Duncan RV.  The owner provided information on a variety of topics, but the one of most interest was concerning the recalls of RV refrigerators.  Duncan offers a new fire extinguisher that goes in the refrigerator compartment to reduce the risk of a fire caused by a refrigerator failure.

The rally ended with dinner at Between the Buns which had live entertainment.  The Tilmann's and Schumakers deserve a huge Thank you for their efforts.

From the Tilmann rally members traveled to J&D Truck stop and had lunch at the cafe.  Eleven coaches traveled to Berrien Springs, Michigan, to the GLASS Rally.  The club was parked in the same location as last year and everyone got settled with no problems in spite of the rain from the previous days.

The GLASS Rally offers something for everyone including food, seminars, entertainment, coach displays, service, vendor displays, crafts and good fellowship.  On Thursday several members had lunch at Tabor Hill Winery.  This has become an annual event and diners were not disappointed.  Lunches included rasberry chicken, blue gill, and many other interesting meals.

Thanks to Harry and Connie DeCausemaker, the club has a new banner which was first displayed during the opening ceremonies parade. 
The Hoosier Cruisers also participated in the Chapter Fair. As you can see current members also stopped by including Ed Casada.  It was well attended and the club had two new families join. 
Welcome Mangans and Timmers. 

The entertainment was excellent this year.  It included T. J. Cravens who sang a variety of songs and was only 15 years old.  Friday, attendees were treated to Three Men and A Tenor, and Saturday the RedHead Express provided music from the 50's and 60's.  On Sunday morning the Bobby Bowen & Family sang and played a mixture of Christian Country music.  It was a great way to start the day.  The day ended with music Ann Stewart and the Banjo Buddies. Click on the arrow below picture above to hear part of their performance.  The list of entertainment would not be complete without the Frustrated Maestros being mentioned.  Hoosier Cruiser members,Harts and Baileys, are members of this group.

On Saturday, the Hoosier Cruisers served the meal.  Over 550 persons were served a chicken dinner.  This would not have been possible if it weren't for the volunteerism of the 34 HC members.  The GLASS committee and Bettie Wessel greatly appreciated the efforts of the members.  Thanks!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The GLASS rally (Great Lakes Area Spring Spree) is just around the corner and many of us are excited and looking forward to this annual event in Berrien Springs, Michigan. For those unfamiliar, the rally starts May 26 and runs through May 30. Many vendors will be present as well as new and used coaches to view, seminars to attend and great food and entertainment daily. Registration forms are available in your FMCA magazine and you can also sign up on line. Just google GLASS RALLY. While everyone can arrive anytime during the rally, last year we found it great fun to enter the grounds a day early on Wednesday. While there is a $20.00 fee for the extra nite it was very relaxed and we got excellent parking. This year we plan to do the same. Those traveling from the Tilmann pre rally and all others interested in a caravan to the rally will meet at J D's truck stop on the northwest corner of US 31 and US 12 just two miles north of the Michigan state line. We will depart for the rally grounds at 12:30pm. This should put us at the fairgrounds about 20 minutes later. If you are planning to arrive at this time put are coming from a different area please let me know so we can coordinate and not get separated. Looking forward to seeing everyone - Rick Hahn

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rain Didn't Dampen Spirits at May Rally

The Corydon Rally was well attended in spite of the rain.  All coaches were parked on asphalt so no one got stuck.  Members began to roll in on Thursday and all had arrived by that evening.  Some of the members elected to travel to Leavenworth to eat at the Overlook Restaurant.   From the restaurant one can see for about 20 miles up and down the Ohio River.  Members had a great view from their tables and even were treated to a double rainbow.  On the way back a tree had fallen across the road, but all were able to navigate around the fallen branches.  That evening everyone was lulled to sleep by a drumming of raindrops on the roofs of their coaches.

Friday began with breakfast and thankfully the rain had let up.  After breakfast the members regrouped and traveled to Golf Shores.  This is an indoors miniature golf course that is lit by black lights.  The entire area has scenes painted by students ranging from nine years old to twenty years old.  If that was not enough, the artwork was in 3-D when viewed with the special glasses.  Not being able to read the path that your golf ball would take made the holes especially challenging, although several were skilled/lucky enough to make hole in ones.
After playing an exciting game of golf, members traveled to Scout Mountain Winery to sample wine that is produced locally.  As an additional treat Hoosier Cruisers could elect to participate in a cooking class that demonstrated how to incorporate wine and herbs in recipes.  Members sampled an excellent dip, basil pasta, strawberry lemonade with basil and a delicious wine cake.  Everyone left with smiles on their faces.

While it may seem that many of our activities center around eating,and it is true that the day ended with an excellent meal at Magdalena's Restaurant.  Diners had a choice of vegetable lasagna, country fried steak, vegetables, fruit, tossed salad and cobbler that was out of this world.

Saturday began with Nancy, Roberta and Bettie preparing fresh fried donuts.  Between them they made over 100 donuts.  Each was dipped in sugar, powered sugar, or cinnamon and sugar.  Hurray for Nancy's World Famous Donuts!
The day continued with a tour of the first Indiana Capitol Building.  The tour guide explained how the building was constructed and gave information about how the state government was formed.  The preservation of the capitol building is a treasure that will be enjoyed by many generations in the future.

The group walked across the street to tour Gen. Hendricks Headquarters which is furnished with furniture and articles from the 1800's.  Behind the house was a beautiful garden that was just beginning to flourish and an outhouse up on the hill.  The tour was informative and made one appreciate how the early settlers lived.

The walking tours were followed by a visit to Zimmerman's Art Glass Factory.  Kerry Zimmerman learned the art of making handmade pieces of glass as a child and today he is the third generation to continue the art of glassmaking.  He demonstrated his skill by making a glass basket which amazed those who were present.

As another day came to a close the club gathered at a small clapboard church that was built before the State Park was established.  The club furnished chicken and a wide variety of sides were brought by the great cooks in the club.  As usual all enjoyed the food and fellowship.

Sunday began with another continental breakfast and all attendees were invited to attend a worship service at the Potato Run Church.  What a friendly congregation.  They invited all of the club to a chili lunch at the church.  What a great way to end an enjoyable rally.

Don't forget the next rally is at the Tilmann Ranch south of Elkhart, on May 22 to May 24.  This pre-rally is bound to be another great time.